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Ride the Rickshaw

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Ride the Rickshaw Is a drinking game that celebrates all the weird and wonderful things that make up being a desi abroad. 

From being out-cultured by non-desi yoga teachers, developing a special bond with your barber/threading lady, to the controversial Idli vs Dosa debate – this game covers it all.

150 cards, 8 categories, hours of fun.

- Go around the room
- Take a sip if
- On the count of 3
- Story time
- Give out sips if
- Vote
- Down your drink
- Dares

Ride the Rickshaw can be played with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks
Sister game of @ridetheminibus as seen in Tatler Hong KongHive LifeHoneycombersLocaliiz, and The Beat.

4-10 players
For ages 18+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My new favorite game!

What a game to play with friends. The creators did a great job relating to the American desi. Plenty of laughs and bonding moments!

Perfect for a desi pregame

Played Ride the Rickshaw during a pregame and it was such a good time. The cards brought up lots of fun stories and banter.

LOLs after LOLs

It's so rare that you get a game that is hilarious for all ages and all sensibilities. Great for your next family gathering or the next brown crew hang.

Meha Parikh
Fun Game

It’s a fun game to play with my Indian friends and so relatable!

T Shah

Played this game with my cousins over the holiday and it had us in stitches! So many childhood stories about our aunts and uncles' strange habits came up, and the prank call dare card was golden.