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Drink Lah!

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Drink Lah! Is a drinking game that celebrates all the weird and wonderful things that make up living in Singapore.

From hawker aunties, debating the best chicken rice spots, to sharing the best National Service stories - this game covers it all.

150 cards, 8 categories, hours of fun.

- Go around the room
- Take a sip if
- On the count of 3
- Story time
- Give out sips if
- Vote
- Down your drink
- Dares

Drink Lah! can be played with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks
Sister game of @ridetheminibus as seen in Tatler Hong KongHive LifeHoneycombersLocaliiz, and The Beat.

4-10 players
For ages 18+

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Customer Reviews

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Fun game

Played with my friends (around 10 pax) and we all agree it’s a very enjoyable game. Very entertaining and we took a few hrs to finish the entire game.