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Ride the Minibus

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As seen in Tatler Hong KongHive Life, Honeycombers, Localiiz, and The Beat

Ride the Minibus is a drinking game that celebrates all the weird and wonderful things that make up living in Hong Kong. From junk trips, contemplating quitting your day job to becoming a private tutor, to getting yelled at by taxi drivers – this game covers it all. 

150 cards, 8 categories, hours of fun.

  • Go around the room
  • Take a sip if
  • On the count of 3
  • Story time
  • Give out sips if
  • Vote
  • Down your drink
  • Dares

(Ride the Minibus can be played with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks)

4-10 players
For ages 18+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great for Groups

Extremely enjoyable card game that brings a community together and explores the quirks of Hong Kong. Great to play with large groups. We have a few copies we keep at Craftissimo for our customers to play and many end up enjoying it so much they buy it for their homes.

Gift a set, or two

After getting this as a housewarming gift (and breaking the ice at group dinner), came back to get another set for a white elephant gift. Yes, it was subject to a steal!

Paul Stanley
Great game to get people talking & laughing

A really fun/inclusive game. Great to buy as a gift but is a fun game to play between friends. Also works brilliantly as an ice breaker. Will be buying some for my friends for sure.

Kattalin Bidegain
Fun game with friends

Really fun game with lots of references only HKers will get (and laugh at). Best possible gift for someone leaving HK soon!

Bryde Fresque
Purchased from afar

What a great gift idea! I purchased this for my sai lo and he thought it was just great. Thanks, 852 prints!